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How can I open bank account in Turkey?

Posted by Yakup Uslu on April 1, 2021

Foreigner buying property in Turkey. Surely they want to open a bank account. It is actually pretty easy to open a bank account in Turkey. So how to open a bank account in Turkey and what kind of documents needed to open a bank account in Turkey?

We need:

  • Passport
  • The address document that shows your residential address back in your country, an invoice such as electricity, gas, mobile etc. It must valid in the last 3 months time.
  • Turkish tax number. You are going to produce the tax number at the tax offices. Our agent accompanies you to get the tax number.

You can produce a customer number at the bank and then you can have any type of currency account ao the same customer number.

What can you do with the bank after you purchase a property in Turkey?

  • You can arrange the direct debit to your electric and water bill as well as Turkish mobile bills.
  • Use the bank’s cards for shopping
  • You can manage your bank accounts by internet banking.
  • You can loan from a Turkish bank as well.

If you have any question about the banks in Turkey and for the process of buying property in Turkey, contact us by WhatsApp +90 506 658 90 90 or mail to us at

PhD. Yakup Uslu
CEO IDEAL & Partners

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