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Preparing the last will and testament in Turkey

How to prepare a will in Turkey?

The last will and testament allow you to control what happens to your assets after your death. In order to stand up and execution of your will properly your will must comply with Turkish Law. For foreign persons living in Turkey, there are two ways to express their will.

1- Preparing a Testament By Handwriting

    1. It should be mentioned in the paragraphs or in the title that this letter has been written as a will
    2. You have to explain that you are physically and mentally sound at that moment
    3. Make a list of your moveable or immovable properties which will be subject to the will
    4. Make a list of your successors
    5. It must be clearly written that whom will have to inherit what kind of assets and percentages
    6. Specify the date and hour
    7. Sign it
    8. Deliver that letter to a Turkish Notary or Turkish Court to be opened after the death of the deceased person.

Be aware that a handwritten testament will only be valid if it is prepared by handwriting completely. If it is enrolled by computer or typewriter it will not be accepted for execution of the will. The person who delivers this document to a court or notary may also renounce it partly or completely anytime.

2- Preparing a Testament Before a Turkish Court or Turkish Notary

Expressing your will before the court and notary makes will official. For foreigners residing in Turkey testament before the court is the safest way for execution after passing. In order to complete this process, the testator must appear before the court or notary with two witnesses.

Foreign testator living in Turkey should be aware of those properties without a successor will be claimed by the state. To complete these processes safely and sound always seek professional help from lawyers.

Prepared by Selimhan Cinas Of FELIX LEGAL

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