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Get Turkish Citizenship

Getting Turkish Citizenship by investing in Turkey is  an easy process. Important thing is to find the right location for the right investment. You may either buy a summer vacation home in Alanya or buy a shop in Istanbul in order to make rental income. We may help you to choose location, property and appy to get citizenship. You are the decision maker.


There are three ways for foreigners to become a Turkish citizen. First, residing in Turkey is enough to prove that the applicant will settle in Turkey continuously. Second, gaining citizenship by investment programs. Third, marrying a Turkish citizen.

Anyone who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship must fulfil requirements below

  • Enough knowledge of Turkish
  • Residing in Turkey for five years continuously
  • Enough income for the applicant and his family
  • There should be no ongoing criminal investigation about the applicant

Gaining Turkish citizenship by investment also possible. By this way, the applicant and his wife and his children, who are under 18 years old may become Turkish citizens. What are the types of investment?

  • Capital investment to one of the Turkish banks worth of 500.000 USD
  • Property investment worth of 250.000 USD
  • Setting up a business which employs 50 people
  • Capital investment to government bonds worth of 500.000 USD

Anyone married to a Turkish citizen three years at least may be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. 

Here are the properties to get Turkish Citizenship in Turkey.

For more information about getting Turkish Citizenship and getting offers about properties which provides citizenship, please contact us by mail or WhatsApp +905066589090


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