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Alanya, the city of sports, events and festivals

Posted by Yakup Uslu on September 24, 2021

Alanya Triathlon Visit Alanya

Alanya, the city of sports, events and festivals. There is no getting bored in this city. Here is an example: Triathlon races held for thirty years.

Today, I would like to talk about a 30-year old Alanya tradition. Alanya Triathlon races. I was studying at Alanya High School. For the first time, the sport of triathlon came to Alanya. With great pleasure, a German-born Belgian named Hartmut started training students in Alanya.

Could I do this sport? Absolutely not.. It’s purely endurance sport. First, you’ll swim, then you’ll ride your bike, and finally, if you can breathe, you’ll run. So you have to be iron man.

In those days, the first international races started in Alanya. European championships, world championships were held. In general, it was always held at the end of September or its annexe.
It has been exactly 30 years this year. This floating Triathlon sport has a special meaning for Alanya. With 30 years of organizational experience.

This year, the competitions will be held in 5 days special for the 30th anniversary. 2021 World Triathlon Para Cup Alanya and 2021 Europe Triathlon Youth Championships Festival Alanya.
Alanya Municipality prepares meticulously for the competitions and attaches great importance to them.

Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, emphasizing that nearly a thousand athletes will come to Alanya for the races; “We will organize another magnificent organization in Alanya, the Capital of Sports. For the 30th Alanya Triathlon, we will be happy to host nearly 2000 people in Alanya, together with the officials of the World Triathlon Federation, the European Triathlon Federation and the Turkish Triathlon Federation, as well as the referees, officials and their relatives of the athletes, as well as close to a thousand athletes.” said.

Alanya is the locomotive of Turkish tourism. Alanya is almost the capital of Turkish tourism. Around eighty organizations are held in Alanya every year and 16 of them are international.

So, if you buy a house in Alanya, it seems like you won’t have time to get bored.

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PhD. Yakup Uslu
CEO IDEAL & Partners


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