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As we are IDEAL & Partners, today we have hundreds of satisfied customers all around Turkey. We would like to raise the satisfaction of our client and we would like to take care of their properties in Turkey.

Property Management in Alanya ( ask for the other cities)

  • We would like to keep in touch with our guests in Alanya
  • We would like to give the best service
  • We would like to inform our guests what’s going on in Alanya
  • We would like to share good and bad days in Turkey
  • Shortly we will help you to have great days in Alanya with our friendship and property services.


What includes the IDEAL Property Management Service?

Property Issues

  • Regularly checking and airing your home in Alanya ( once a month)
  • Checking the water and electric whether functioning properly or not
  • Following the yearly property tax and  insurance
  • To arrange a cleaning service to the apartment before arrival
  • Helping to open a bank account and arrange direct debit payment of bills
  • Presenting the apartment owner at the general meetings
  • To arrange, painting, carpenter, plumber, key maker, and house service   appointments
  • Arranging private transfer services and follow up
  • Helping to find the best possible rental car
  • Guiding to buy furniture, home accessories, curtains etc.
  • Assisting to get residential permission in Turkey.
  • In case you need a fast ticket to travel, we do help our clients

Health care

  • In emergency conditions supporting clients by language, letting know third peoples
  • Arrange a number for all clients which show the apartments address at the hospital.
  • Arrange a free dental appointment and check-up.


  • Arranging discounted excursions in Alanya such as Alanya boat tour, jeep safari, dimçay tour, paragliding, watersports etc. (If you request)
  • Informing all our guests by   what’s going on? Where to eat? What to do? And more useful information at Visit Alanya regarding Alanya.
  • Organising yearly meeting at boat or BBQ parties ( upon request)
  • Recommend and accompany the best restaurants and brunch places in Alanya. (upon request)


How we are going to agree with IDEAL Real Estate regarding “Property Management”?

Our agents will contact you in your language as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are not an IDEAL Partners (IDEAL Real Estate), you are still welcome. It is enough you to go agreement part and click here or mail to


How much is the cost of property management services by IDEAL Real Estate in Alanya?

We charge for all services 165 euro per year.

We care about you and your property in Turkey.

Ps: This agreement conditions available only for Alanya properties. If you want to get service by IDEAL and Partners in the other cities except for Alanya, please mail to

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